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Monday, October 03, 2005

Lack of posting

From the lack of posts, one might think that things are incredibly busy around the household. Or the more generous reader might think that I was actually working very hard on other writing projects--like a book, for example. But no, the truth is rather more mundane, though expensive. We bought a new computer, an iBook that is, of course, incredibly cool. It has, however, taken up the majority of my alloted time for mucking about with the electronics. The blog has suffered for it. Meanwhile, I've been transferring files, configuring programs, allocating memories...the whole rigamorole surrounding a new computer. We are just about in working order now, and we should be back to posting pictures of little girls any day now.

Meanwhile, allow me to update everyone on last night's soccer game. Opening week saw us completely in shambles, getting run over by a fast but not terribly good team. The captain, having an almost completely unknown roster, stuck me in center mid, a pretty silly place to put me. We lost 0-3, with yours truly blowing a breakaway attempt and generally clogging up the offense and getting beat on defense.

The next week, in my absence, the team lost 0-5. Obviously, my lack of conditioning and inability to stop anyone from going around me was a big part of our tight defense in week one. There was a very real fear that we might not score at all this season.

Week three--last night. We win 6-4 with me getting three assists. It's amazing how much confidence one can gain by a bad performance from a keeper. Two of my assists came on set pieces: me crossing in a corner that floated over his head onto my on-rushing forward; and a free kick after I got plowed by a defender. Again, I floated this one over the keeper's head, and would have scored, but my same forward ran in and touched it with his head just before it crossed the line.

Put me out on the wing, and things happen. At least, I don't screw up so much.


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