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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

iMeme for iTunes

Thanks Scriv For giving me a reason not to work.

Total number of tracks in iTunes
1725 songs (4.9 days' worth of music)

Sort by song title
First song: "....6" by The 88
Last song: "ZYX" by They Might be Giants.

Sort by time
Shortest song: 0:08 "Intro" by Bumpus is the shortest actual song. However, a bit of dialogue from the soundtrack to "Bend it Like Beckham" squeaks in at the shortest track, "It's Beckham's Corner."
Longest song: Discounting the digital copy of part one of my interview with Rick Powers, clocking in at 46 minutes, the longest song is "Years and Tears" by Steve Ferguson and the Midwest Creolo Ensemble 15:20. (Ferguson was one of the founding members of NRBQ, but split early on. Thanks to my dad for the CD.)

Sory by artist
First: 3 Mustaphus 3
Last: Zykos

Sort by album
First: ...To the Last Dead Cowboy by The Waco Brothers
Last: Zap Mama by Zap Mama.

10 most played songs
"We All Fall Down," Danny Michel - In Radio 7
"Shy," Ani DiFranco - Living in Clip
"Here with Me," Dido - Dare
"Snow is Gone," Josh Ritter - In Radio 3.1
"Freedom Park," Marah - In Radio 9
"Sacrifice," Rachel Sage - In Radio 11
"Goodbye Caroline," Aimee Mann - In Radio 3.4
"Clean Up for Christmas," Aimee Mann - The Forgotten Arm
"Allowed Loud," Desoto Reds - In Radio 9

So you can see how much I depend upon my subscription to In Radio to feed my musical desires. Actually, this is very skewed because most of the whole library was transferred over to a new computer and that wiped out all the play history. Still, I can't figure out how Dido made it up there. That might be because of Judy.

First five songs that come up on Party Shuffle
"True Dreams of Wichita," Soul Coughing
"Red, Red Robin" Rosie Flores
"Get it Jumpin" Devin Chenault (the demo tape from one of my former students)
"Skin Is, My" Andrew Bird
"Mound" Phish

Number of search returns for:
sex: 5
love: 61
you: 153
death: 3
hate: 8
wish: 15


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