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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The world Ciela has to change

From Mother Jones, here are some statistics that suggest packing a penis can really help you get ahead in the world. We've put one on Ciela's wishlist.

Women make 80¢ on the male dollar, even accounting for time off to raise kids. If that factor is not accounted for, women make 56¢.

Over her career, the average working woman loses $1.2 million to wage inequity.

Since 1963, when the Equal Pay Act was signed, the wage gap has closed by less than half a cent per year.

In 1963, RFK withdrew his nomination to a club that had spurned a black official and formed a club that didn’t admit women.

86% of guests on Sunday-morning political talk shows are men. So are 80% of the guests on The Daily Show.

Since orchestras started requiring musicians to audition behind screens, the number of women hired has increased 20%.

Men only earn 3/4 as many B.A.s as women. Some colleges now admit to practicing affirmative action for male applicants.

Only 1/3 of female Ph.D.s who get on the tenure track before having a baby ever do so.

31.5% of Iraq's parliament are women. Only 15% of the U.S. Congress are women.

15 African nations have a higher percentage of female legislators than does the U.S.

See the full list at Mother Jones


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