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Monday, August 15, 2005

Where I get into a fight with Steve Nash

Ok, I really didn't get into a fight with Steve Nash, but apparently he did pass me and Ciela as we were jogging this morning (I was jogging: Ciela was riding). Some guy on a mountain bike zips by us from behind; no notice, no alert, not even a little bell. I make some loud comment along the lines of "Thanks for saying something." All I saw was long hair and shirtless, but another jogger coming in the other direction said it was Nash.

So there is my brush with greatness to go along with seeing John Mahoney in Oak Park and having a beer near Skip Prosser at Hap's in Cincinnati. With any luck, I'll bump into Family Circus's Bill Keane or legendary porn star Jenna Jameson, both residents in my neck of the valley.


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