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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Delays Delays Delays

Oh sure, some of you right away assume I've reverted back to attacking the Republicans. Actually, they are doing a fine job of eating their young (and old, straight and gay--Let's hear it for Spokane. Seriously, I want to move to a city that exposes its conservative right wing gay hypocrit via an internet sting at Miiiy kind of town, Spokane is...MIIIY kind of town. I wonder why that didn't come up as my city of choice. I probably didn't answer the question about closeted bigots.)

No, rather the title refers to delays in answering anyone's email. As you can imagine, Judy and I are a bit preoccupied with moving. And those of you who are academics know how tightly scheduled the end of the semester is. For the last few days its been grading papers, calling movers, looking at rental properties, etc. etc. etc.

All this is to say that the plums were really good.

No, all this is to say that I apologize to all those who've emailed me about the move and asked questions. I have good intentions of answering them each afternoon at work. But apparently Dana exists in some sort of time anomaly where the late morning begins a normal transition to the early afternoon but there is a moment where the continuum falters and the sequence following 12:30pm is not, as one would expect, 12:31pm but rather 4:48pm. It surprises me every time.

Tonight, after a frantic spell of grading American Lit papers all morning and three squeezed into the time between creative writing and my afternoon class, then a few more in the afternoon, I came home and took a run through Omaha. There is nothing more refreshing than the fragrent breezes of garbage day eve on a hot late spring day.

We took pictures, but I've gained so much weight since Ciela was born, that my ISP couldn't handle the bandwith necessary to upload the photo.


At 12:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

republicans have really been sucking at being conservative

At 2:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen to that !!


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