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Monday, May 02, 2005


I haven't stared at the phone this much since high school. Why doesn't she call? Should I call? Is it too soon? I shouldn't have said what I said. I ruined it. She's not interested any more.

Last night at 9:30pm we were pretty sure we had sold the house. We had an open house from 1-3 and then had three offers over the asking price. It seemed like a good night. We were pleased. We made some minor alterations to the contract and accepted the highest offer.

Now it's 2:30 and no one's called. We should be home free. Literally. But no one's called.

For 10 days we've been strangers in our own home. Our furniture-- properities in a set. Judy, Ciela and I -- characters sent off stage with only moments notice. For ten days we were ordered out of our house so strangers could poke at our underbeams, lift up our bedskirts, finger our drains. All very humiliating.

Then yesterday someone chose us. But now they won't call.

I really hate blind dates.


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