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Friday, April 29, 2005

My version

Perhaps more information should be dealt out regarding the move to Arizona.

When January freezes the rolling hills of Omaha, Judy starts underlining the job notices in the back pages of the Journal of the American Veterinary Association. This year, after seeing the roof in danger of leaking once again (after 72 hours of repairing the ceiling, painting the bedroom, and rolling out new insulation), she pointed out the multiple opportunities in Phoenix. They all promised high salaries, quality of life working conditions, and exceptional benefits. In some cases, signing bonuses were offered.

Having been the poor slave who performed all the labor in the above mentioned 72 hours, I told her to go ahead and inquire about the jobs, just to see what they really meant. More information is always better.

The I travelled to
  • Cincinnati
  • and remembered what it was like to really push myself intellectually, something I wasn't doing at Dana. Or, at least not the way I wanted to push myself. All my energies were diverted into teaching. I struggled to find any time to write scholarly work.

    As Judy and I talked, we realized that Dana wasn't going to be the last stop for my career, but it was making the next stop nearly unreachable. We thought it would be worth the risk to quit Omaha, head west for the money, and open up some time for me to write.

    We are gambling, but we didn't feel like we risked a lot. More money makes the prospect of not teaching acceptable if not any less worrisome.


    At 5:57 PM, Anonymous scott rettberg said...

    Good luck. I'm in a similiar state of juggling life decisions right now, and I understand how difficult those decisions are to make. It's pretty courageous of you and Judy to pick up and move on to the next camp. I bet you'll find your way back into teaching eventually, but if you weren't happy where you were at, it's definitely the right thing to do. Enjoy the dry heat.


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