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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Blind Date, Part II

Word has it from out agent that the buyer of our house did not realize that the finished attic was not on the grid. That is, the central heat and air do not service that level of the house. We never said it did, but now Judy and I are anxiously awaiting the response from the post-inspection briefing. The inspection can only negate the contract for major structural flaws we refuse to repair. Does this count as a major structural flaw? I mean, it is the structure itself. By definition, it can neither be flawed or flawed. It is a priori. But, it could be moot if the buyer simply has to have three bedrooms and cannot gamble that a space heater will cut it in February.

They also have concerns about the water pressure. So do we. We've lived with it for three years. It's an 80 year old house. It isn't perfect. Three years ago our inspector (this same one, ironically enough) told us that the only real way to increase the pressure would be to replace all the pipes out to the main line. But he or the buyer screwed up the shower faucet--apparently in the belief that if you wrench it far enough, the water pressure will increase. So I have to fix that regardless of the contract status.

We are holding our breath. The buyer laid down a significant amount of earnest money, so we stand to clear some extra cash if they bolt (provided that none of the above counts as a structural flaw that can/should be fixed). Of course, that means everything is open again. We had two other good offers. I hope they haven't purchased anything yet.


At 2:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scott -- We need an update! What is happening with the house...Jeff and I are wondering...hope to see you in 3 weeks...Bridget (and Jeff)


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