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Saturday, August 14, 2004



Just in case any of you still wonder how cruel I can be... while Judy stayed home feeding and housing our pre-infant child (who doesn't glow in the womb for some reason. I guess my Greek DNA is no longer pure enough for phosphorus fetuses), I went sailing on Lake Manawa. What a complete and selfish ass.

That's not the boat I was on. They made me take out the scow--probably because I forgot to bring my money to the session. Chuck took me out on the S.S. Colander in a raging wind that blew at speeds of "I think I just felt something" to "dead, we're just dead."

But when the wind did kick up a bit, we managed to tool around the lake for about an hour. Sailing, like hiking or biking, is really the only enjoyable way to move from a to b. Quiet and on your own power.

(Olympic update: did the Greeks open the games by lighting up a giant joint?)


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