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Sunday, August 08, 2004

We had a full weekend. Friday, Nainsi had a cookout with us, D from Creighton and his wife M and their two daughters. J and S (also works at Creighton) and their daughter Z. And B who is a new prof at Creighton. Everyone seems to have girls, so I suppose we'll fit right in.

Saturday, I rode 51 miles along the Keystone trail. Before anyone gets the idea that I'm some kind of athlete, I nearly cried on the way back I was hurting so bad. I'm planning to ride in a Corporate cup in two weeks, so I wanted to be sure I could handle the distance (41 miles). I'll make it, but it probably won't be easy--more hills than yesterday.

After I sat at home and wept for a while, we hung out on the deck at Caffine Dreams, drinking coffee and smoothies. Rediculously nice weather in Omaha for August.

Today, Judy, finally given the green light to do some exercise again, took me out to Fontenelle Forest for a hike around the baordwalk path. Lots of trees, but no animals of the charismatic type. Still, I'm sure it was great for her to get out of the house and actually do something with her legs.


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