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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Italy 1 - USA 1

Oh man!

The card on Pablo was the worst. No way was that foul a red card. And doing my best not to be a homer, but Italy's man did deserve sending off. That was a blantant elbow, and McBride had all the blood to prove it. And I'll even admit that the second ball Italy put into the net should have counted. But the second yellow on Pope, c'mon! You don't give that a yellow in the second minute of the second half. Warn him, but don't exile him. Granted, Pope put himself in that position by getting the earlier yellow card. I don't think he should have gotten the second yellow, though. You don't send off a guy for that foul.

But why oh why didn't Arena use his last sub. With about 15 minutes to go, Cherundolo went right around Pirla (I think). He just pushed the ball past and ran right by him. The Italian put up no fight whatsoever. Arena should have pounced and put Johnson or Wolf in. Johnshon and Beasley could have run circles around some of those guys and really put some pressure. It might be overly optimistic to think they would have scored, but they would have helped ease the pressure on us. Time after time Keller was sending balls to McBride and nobody was up there in case he won them. At least Johnson could have run on to one of those and maybe taken it to the corner to eat up some time.

But better, he could have been deadly on a counter attack.

Still, we got a point after being hosed by the ref. And we can control our destiny. Even if the Czechs win, all we have to do is beat Ghana 5-0, I think.

I can't wait until Thursday. C'mon you freaking Italians. Put away those Czechs.

Ciela slept through the whole game.


At 6:58 PM, Blogger Scrivener said...

I don't watch much soccer, but I watched the end of the first half and the whole second half and really enjoyed it. Think we can beat Ghana? 5-0?

At 8:33 PM, Blogger Dr.K said...

I was at a family gathering (wife's family--with mine, I could have watched the game) during the USA/Italy match. We tied? Didn't expect that! This is really, really good, right? I watch the highlights on the FIFA site, and the game looked nasty, blood, three red cards. Was it that bad? Ghana looks good. Do we have to beat them by 5 just to move on?

At 8:12 AM, Blogger $sh said...

That was certainly a spirit-lifting effort by the U.S. side, after a disheartening performance against the Czechs. I thought that Clint Dempsey provided some much-needed bravado, but his fitness remains in question over a full match. I'm looking forward to seeing the KC Wizards' players contribute more against Ghana. Conrad and Wolff should be able to help, and Eddie Johnson's scoring touch could help with any potential goal-differential scenarios.


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