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Monday, May 15, 2006

Brins Mesa Trail

Brins Mesa Trail
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We've also headed up to Sedona a couple of times this month. Judy had a Monday off, so we spent the day up there. Which meant my legs, weary from a 90 minute game where we were two men down, nearly gave up before we reached this overlook on the last hike of the day. We all look happy because there were other hikers there taking our picture, but all I could think about was turning around and heading home for a beer.

Yesterday, for Mother's Day, we went with some friends back to hike the West Fork. The physical toll was much lighter thanks to Ciela and their boy, neither of whom could really muster the momentum to head deep into the trail. We spent a lot of time crossing and re-crossing the stream and then putting our feet in the water, and then asking to be put into the backpack and then asking to be let out of the backpack.

As with most of our trips to Sedona, we finished with pizza and a beer at The Hideaway, with it's view of Snoopy Rock.


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