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Monday, May 15, 2006


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We had our first real guests at the home. Our friends from the old apartment complex came by for dinner and, as you can see, frolicking. The menu was salad with orange-raspberry vinagrette, risotto, caprese, bread and a chocolate dessert courtesy of the guests. Plus lots of Chianti. Ciela and Pumpkin spent a good deal of the time chasing each other around. They're like the sister each never had.

We've got a long list of people that we have to invite over to the house. While we were moving and our apartment was in shabby condition (pretty much all the time), so many people invited us to have dinner with them. If we could keep up our stamina, we could have people over every weekend for the next month and still owe some return engagements. I wonder if other people feel like dinner becomes and home-and-away series like soccer tournaments. I'm not complaining, by any means. I really do like having people over for dinner, but my Emily Post-ish superego always nags me about social debts. It doesn't seem fair to always play the visitor and never have people at home. And here's were the sporting analogy breaks down (as they always do (poor Randy Johnson)): the away game is so much more taxing than the away dinner. If the visiting team could get away with bringing flowers to the locker room and then just sitting around drinking the home team's Gatorade, nobody would demand a reciprocal visit.


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