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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Threes meme

Better things to do during a final.Pilgrim/Heretic: Threes meme

3 names you go by:
Scotty boy

3 screen names you have had:
Gould's Fish
(those are the only two, I think)

3 physical things you like about yourself:
my cool new short haircut (sorry Judy)
my sooo cute dimple in my chin
that fact that I can see

3 physical things you don't like about yourself:
crooked teeth
weak chin (except for that really cute dimple
gut that never seems to shrink

3 parts of your heritage:

3 things you are wearing right now:
watch with built in compass
wedding ring
Belleview Hills running t-shirt

3 Favorite bands/Musical artists:
Waco Brothers
Richard Thompson
Ani DiFranco

3 favorite songs (not chosen from above favorite bands, just for variety):
"You are listening to Los Angeles" Soul Coughing
"Jesus, etc" Wilco
The first six songs on Volo Volo Poi Dog Pondering

3 things you want in a relationship:

3 physical things about the preferred sex that appeal to you:

3 of your favorite hobbies:
trying to play guitar

3 things you want to do really badly right now:
be finished with the semester (and perhaps academia in general)
go biking
write emails to people

3 things that scare you:
the rising tide of fundamentalism
my retirement fund
a-frame ladders with an extension (but only if I'm climbing them. If I'm on the ground, I can handle them being in the same room. I mean, this isn't some sort of weird phobia thing)

3 of your everyday essentials:
the morning paper (no matter how crappy the local paper is)
[can't think of anything of some sort, kissing my wife and daughter, a nice bowel movement?]

3 careers you have considered/are considering:
psychologist (dropped that in a hurry)
actor (gave it a go in college)
urban planner/architect (still holds that allure)

3 places you want to go on vacation:
Back to Italy

3 kids' names you like:
Ciela (of course)
Roux (one that didn't quite make it to her birth certificate)

3 things you want to do before you die:
write a novel
seriously, learn how to play that damn guitar
see Ciela go to college

3 ways you are stereotypically a boy:
almost never wear make-up
like playing sports and then drinking beer afterwords
almost never cry (except after republican victories)

3 ways you are stereotypically a chick:
blog (apparently)
like to dance
wearing frilly undewear

3 celeb crushes:
Winona Ryder
Natalie Portman
Naomie Klein

3 people I would like to see take this quiz now:
The three people that actually read my blog.


At 11:16 PM, Blogger Danica said...

Did ya' know I read it?

At 3:22 AM, Anonymous boring megan said...

good thing you didnt give her any of those other hippie names

At 8:16 AM, Anonymous Joe Blackstad said...

3 names you go by:
You forgot "Han Solo"
Then again, perhaps your mistake of what I said reflects a different name that you might be called often?


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