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Monday, August 26, 2002



First day of classes is now over. After a week of daylong meetings, its very nice to get back into the classroom. The students so far seem normal, nothing particularly odd about them other than they live in Nebraska. Today things finally feel normal. Waiting in line for the copier, having students introduce themselves, forgetting my class roster--these things are routine and make me feel a bit more competent. Last week I truely felt my new status as I passively watched various arguments play out in the faculty meeting, struggled to be of some use in a departmental meeting, and wandering around like the village idiot looking for computer services.

Omaha has been as much a surprise as Dana, which is to say I was optimistic about enjoying both, and both have pretty much lived up to expectations. The people at Dana are all friendly, helpful, and interesting to talk to. I've already been invited by a history professor to play on his indoor soccer team. And Judy and I have managed to get out and enjoy Omaha beyond the confines of the Nebraska Furniture Mart. Last weekend we went to see a play at a theatre quite similar to the storefront theatres all over Chicago. This past weekend we checked out the Omaha Farmer's Market--very extensive and with a lot of great looking produce, plants, bread, flowers, and even meat. You can buy free range chicken at the Farmer's Market as well as hand raised beef, whatever that is. Last night, we saw the Omaha Symphony perform outdoors on the lawn of the Art Museum. It wasn't Grant Park, but the museum provide a nice set piece, and the threatening skies made for a spectacular sunset. The program was a little heavy on the patriotic (anthems, odes, paens, etc), but we had a nice picnic and enjoyed the spirituals sung by Jubuliant Sykes and the version of Oye Coma Va.

We have our first visitors this week. Stephan and Marjorie come by tonight. Call us if you want to meet the four of us for dinner.


Saturday, August 17, 2002


We've been here for a week. The very first thing I did upon pulling into our new home is crash the uhaul into the side of the house and knock a large piece of siding off the house. I had arrived.

The house seems structurally intact despite my attempts, so we have moved in and subsequently spent a small fortune on furniture, none of which is actually in the house. Most things are unpacked. The pro-movers in Omaha said we did a great job packing the truck, and nothing appears to be broken. I'm typing at the Florence Branch of the Omaha Public Library, sometime soon, I should have internet access.

Tomorrow night, dinner with the dean.

Write or call if you get work,


Sunday, August 04, 2002

August 4, 2002

We are nearly packed.

As I sit here, staring at a black screen, I realize I have no idea what to write about. What would possibly entertain someone willing to look at this site. More research must be done, what are other people writing in their logs? Surely we haven't become such passive recepients of entertainment that reading someone elses diary rewards us more than having a life of our own. Surely we haven't become so overstimulated that we find enjoyment in the simple details of a mundane life. And surely you people aren't so bored that you care to find out what I'm up to. I suspect that most logs are exercises in egocentric wallowing and damn the opinions of anyone else desperate enough to explore the arid and desolate wasteland of my mind. I pity all of you that came here today.

But in case mundane details are what you crave, Judy and I have been continuing the "Farewell Summer" tour. Last night was dinner and the theatre with Stephan and Marjorie. Thanks. Post-theatre was grooving 'til 2:00am with Marvin Tate and D-Settlement. Today, Anna Fermin's Trigger Gospel at Retro on Roscoe. We say goodbye to one of our favorite bands from the last three years. Judy thanks Anna for ending the set with "10 More Miles," her—Judy's, though perhaps Anna's as well—favorite.


Friday, August 02, 2002

The first post: August 2nd, 2002

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