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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

we made it

we made it
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Not without some difficulty. A few scratches on the furniture. One horribly mangled file cabinet. One lost wallet. Four very tired people.

But we're here. The apartment is more or less functional, with everybody's room looking quite nice. The guest room is a palatial and sumptuous retreat complete with a library of books, plush queen-size bed, and boxes and boxes of christmas decorations, old letters, fabric samples, a sewing machine, packaging for one eMac, numerous flattened cardboard boxes and a paper shredder. You must come and visit.

We have a new phone number. Email me or Judy, and we'll be happy to send it via email. (We have to be careful, a lot of ex-students read this. Every night it would be--Do you buy Prince Albert in a can? Hermanson...You suck!--stuff like that.)

More pictures forthcoming, but until then, Ciela, J and I will be in the pool. Who cares if its 108 outside. The water's perfect.


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