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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Ciela and the Cubs

Back from Arizona and what I thought would be an easy week. An incorrect assumption.

We had a pretty stressful time of it in AZ. Ciela, while generally a good natured baby, would only take so much car travel. Eventually the constant meandering around Phoenix and its suburbs took its toll and screaming commenced. Add to that evening ritual of trying to constrict the typical restaurant meal into a condensed, speed-eating experience before she started whining to go to bed. Even the enjoyable elements were a tricky bit of logistics. We had to find a place for Judy to change clothes. We had to figure out something for lunch for all three of us--its not as if Ciela will eat a polish and have a beer at the stadium. Everyone needs sunscreen and a hat. The diaper bag has to be stocked--how many toys for a nine-inning game? We managed to get through 6 1/2 I believe. Hiking seemed like a good option. We've done that plenty of times in NE. But after packing camera, sunscreen, diaper bag, baby bjorn, maps, water, power bar, Judy forget asthma inhaler. Hike subsequently cut short before death from suffocation.

More on Phoenix and Tucson to come...

Ciela and the Cubs
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