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Monday, March 07, 2005

The weekend

We had exceptionally nice weather in Omaha this weekend. We even spilled over into the 70s on Sunday. The change in weather did us all some good, and let us get outside for a change. I managed to put in a short ride (lack of stamina, not lack of time). 12 miles and saw one farm cat. Judy got in a run, and all three of us went on a short hike on Sunday as part of Haley's funeral. We hiked in the bottom lands of the Neale Woods Preserve, along the Missouri River. The land is basically in the Missouri channel, but reclaimed via dredging and just general movement. Its full of dead snags, reeds, creeks and mud. We didn't stay long because the winds were very volitale and we say one dead tree actually blow over. Howling wind, snapping branches and then a falling tree are not all that condusive to thoughtful preambulation.

While heading out to Neale Woods, we saw that the state has laid out the bike trail from Neale Woods all the way to Boyer Chute. This means nothing to people outside of Omaha, but for me, its great news. It means a bike trail that begins a few blocks from our house and the travels uninterruptedly for maybe 10-12 miles, winding through farmland and along the Missouri River. The have one short 2 mile link to make and it will be complete, but even without that, there's a lightly traveled road that links both parts of the trail. The weather's turned cold again, but as soon as it warms up (and as soon as I'm in a bit better shape) I intend to give it a test run.


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