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Thursday, January 06, 2005


Because I am in my second day of snow closure, Ciela and I are at home watching the debate over the challenge to Ohio's electoral votes. While a number of moments were disappointing-- Republicans vociferously denouncing the challenge as frivolous while ignoring the clear problems and blatant conflict of interest, Democrat (senators--the House was quite a bit more fiery) only tenuously voicing their concerns, only sen Boxer objecting in the final count, some republican joker in the house linking the issue to terrorism (talk about a party bereft of ideas), another repub joker bringing Michael Moore into the debate (for a party that believes his works are irrelevant, they bring him up quite a bit), etc. etc.

But what was truly disgusting was the House ending its debate with Tom "Indictment" DeLay arguing that the challenge was an affront to the dignity of democracy. I threw up my potato.

DeLay, Fucking DeLAY! for whom the phrase "above the law" was retired. For whom the House repubs rewrote their own frickin' ethics laws (and were forced to retreat because the blatant hypocrisy woke up too many people), DeLay: whose pockets aren't big enough to handle the payoffs; DeLay who abused the newly formed Homeland Security department to chase down state senators in Texas.

This asshole has the nerve to stand up as the moral champion of democracy?! And the flippin' House applauded him.

The downward spiral continues


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