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Thursday, February 09, 2006

The dictator defense

David Cole has a nice rundown of Gonzales's weaseling before Congress this week, but let me just point to something Gonzales said that disgusted me and pretty much sums up this administration's one and only guiding principle in foreign policy: fear.

From Gonzales's statement:

"Now, we all agree that it's a necessary and appropriate use of force to fire bullets and missiles at Al Qaida strongholds. Given this common ground, how can anyone conclude that it is not necessary and appropriate to intercept Al Qaida phone calls?"

This is just blatent fear mongering. The objection is not about intercepting Al Qaida phone calls, but about an executive branch usurping Congress and a law that provides for this action but with legal oversight. Gonzales knows this, but rather than address the objection directly, Gonzales choses to re-frame the issue as an executive branch that wants to hunt terrorists and a legislative branch that wants to neuter W.

More in that vein:

"Our enemy is listening. And I cannot help but wonder if they aren't shaking their heads in amazement at the thought that anyone would imperil such a sensitive program by leaking its existence in the first place, and smiling at the prospect that we might now disclose even more or perhaps even unilaterally disarm ourselves of a key tool in the war on terror."

Again, Gonzales goes back to the pail to carry more water for an administration absolutely bereft of ideas or explanations for their actions. When caught red-handed breaking the law, the response is to yell "Look out! Behind you!" And then run like hell when we turn our heads.

What jerks


At 5:24 AM, Blogger Free Winkie Committee said...

Yes, we have some kind of alternate-reality Franklin Roosevelt as our president, who says the only thing to fear is getting beyond our fear. The only thing to fear is thinking rationally.


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