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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Has the Wall Street Journal Proven Itself as Anything but a Mouthpiece for the Administration?

OpinionJournal - Featured Article

Only in the Bizarro World of the Wall Street Jouranl editorial page would Karl Rove be a "whistleblower."

And in case anyone is swayed by talk that Wilson was somehow unqualified and a nepotistic call, this paragraph from's Sidney Blumenthal (thanks to Scrivner for highlighting the article).

"He had already performed one secret mission to Niger for the agency, in 1999, and was trusted. Wilson had also had a distinguished and storied career as a Foreign Service officer. He served as acting ambassador in Iraq during the Gulf War and was hailed by the first President Bush as a "hero." Wilson was an important part of the team and highly regarded by Secretary of State James Baker and National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft. Wilson was also an Africa specialist. He had been a diplomat in Niger, ambassador to Gabon and senior director for Africa on the National Security Council during the Clinton administration. (I first encountered Wilson then, and we have since become friends.) No other professional had such an ideal background for this CIA mission. "


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