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Monday, October 25, 2004

How I waste time

Everyday, every damn day, I say I'm not going to do the innane. And every day, I do it. I blame the adreneline crash from teaching. With a 9:00am class, I rarely get to campus early enought to do anything but unpack, put the lunch in the fridge, grab the right books and folders, quickly review what I planned for the day, and sprint upstairs before the clock chimes sound. Then fifty minutes of stand-up and I come back down to the office, spent.

It's always, "just a quick check of the email, just pop over to a couple of good blog site, some web pages" and then back to work. I can't think after I teach. I'm whipped for at least a half-hour or so, especially if, like last night, I stayed up late reading or grading. Last night was a final sprint to finish Gravity's Rainbow--just 'cause. The students will still have a week left, but I need to be ahead, and now I don't have to plan for that for the rest of the week. But I'm paying for it today. Tired, and sluggish after I put everything into my daily performance with a two drink minimum.

3:30 as I write. That's my 30 minute limit (and then some, if you figure I got back to my office at 2:55). I need to draft my rationale for cutting some gen ed programs for the meeting I chair tomorrow morning. Eliminate the grading and the bureacracy and this would be a pretty sweet career choice, even accounting for the meager salary.


At 6:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are you so hard on yourself? If you can keep your students' attention during a Monday morning class when you haven't had enough sleep (and most likely, neither have they), then you ought to be congratulating yourself. Of course you deserve an hour of time after class to relax, get a cup of coffee, read the newspaper, surf blogs.

Superman is dead, didn't you hear?

At 8:10 PM, Blogger bitchphd said...

Yeah, that's how I waste time too.

Funny, I could have written both this post and anon's comment, depending on my mood at the time of writing :P


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